Tango Lee Bronson CEO / President & Founder

Tango Lee Bronson has been building and establishing his music/writing career, for many years, as a well-known and respected figure in the Music and Film Industry. He is the owner of TLR Worldwide, LLC. (Tango Lee Records, LLC. "The Label"). He writes songs, as well as produces the music for most of the Recording Artists represented by his Record Label. The Label represents the following genres of music, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Rock and Country. ​At the present time he is focusing on headlining and promoting R&B Artist, “MIRAJ”. MIRAJ is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actor and pianist featured on MIMS, UGK, Grind Mode, Dreams, Jim Jones and Jamie Foxx’s music. The Label has a sampling of Miraj’s music available and can be heard by following the links on our "Inside TLR Worldwide" Blog Site at http://tlrworldwidemusic.blogspot.com


Tango's Movie Industry involvement began when he received a minor role in “30,000 Leagues Under The Sea”. He was aware that Sean Lawlor (from the film “Braveheart”) was cast in the role of “Captain Nemo” and he never expected that a genuine friendship would develop by just working with Sean Lawlor. Sean and Tango's bond has become one of both best friends and business partners. Tango became partners with the late Sean Lawlor (whom he refers to as his mentor and the father he never had) on a variety of feature film scripts, some are true drama, some are Disney-like, and all were brilliantly written. The first film production that will be developed is, “Healing Frequencies” with Miraj, John Savage and Louis Gossett, Jr. , interested. Sadly, Tango’s friend and mentor, Sean Lawlor, who was scheduled to direct and star in the movie, passed away in Dublin, Ireland following a short illness. Plans to continue moving forward with Sean Lawlor’s vision fully incorporated into the project, with our Movie Production Department, remains on target.


Norm Swain Executive Vice President

Film Producer:

Norm has established himself as a top-level Producer/Line Producer by gaining valuable experience working with some of the top Executive Producers in the Television and Feature Film Industry.  He will provide TLR Worldwide, LLC. with the overall experience needed to run an effective film business in these difficult economic times. His well-rounded background in the TV/Feature Film Industry, make him a very valuable asset to the Company. Norm began learning his craft as an Assistant to the Executive Producers on the indie feature film - “NOW YOU KNOW”.  In 2001, he became a Producer’s Assistant to Randall Winston at the NBC Comedy Series, “SCRUBS” and remained there for five (5) TV seasons (6,500 on set hours).  During hiatus’, Mr. Swain worked as a Producer’s Assistant on “WANTED” for CBS Productions, a TV Pilot, then as Key Production Services on “Nobody’s Watching” for NBC Productions/The CW, a TV Pilot and for the indie film production companies, Lumberyard Productions, Creative Light Entertainment, Film Roman, Del-Mar Productions and Warpath Productions.  He has gained valuable experience working on TV Shows and Feature Films as a Line Producer, Production Supervisor, Associate Producer, Production Coordinator, 1st & 2nd Assistant Director and Location Manager. ​

Production Management:

He is a creative executive who is poised, innovative and works effectively across all management levels.  He possesses the ability to assess the needs in all situations and quickly adapt to those ever-changing needs.  He has managed numerous projects with budgets ranging from $50K to $20M.


He has prepared and managed budgets for projects ranging from $50K to $20M. He utilizes the industry standard budget program provided by Entertainment ​Partners-Budgeting (6.8)/Scheduling (4.05).

Team Management & Communication:

He is a highly detailed person and demonstrates highly effective communication skills and consistently utilizes them in a fast paced, pressurized environment.  He faithfully meets all expectations & deadlines.  He has managed company personnel ranging from 2 to 80 and production film crews (non-union & union) from 5 to 200.

Marketing Consulting:

He has consulted and assisted on marketing and branding projects for TV Commercials and Ad Campaigns for existing and new products.  He has assisted with the placement of products in specific markets & stores. ​

Live Television:

He worked as a PA on-field Spotter for ABC football.  He also worked at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament for ABC Sports.  He has demonstrated the ability to produce and manage all types of productions from feature film to TV episodic. ​

TLR Worldwide, LLC has gained a valuable asset in Norm Swain and this is the reason we have appointed him to the Office of CFO and Vice President.  He will also oversee the Film Production Department, as Vice President of Production and we believe this strategic move will give us the advantage to professionally turn out the highest quality productions in the Film and Music Industry.


Allan Beveridge CFO/CIO

IT Leadership and Management

Allan has been deeply involved in the information technology industry since 1987. After completing his degree in Mathematical Sciences he worked at developing a wide variety of software application first for the Government of Alberta and then NAIT, one of Canada’s largest colleges. His skills at developing and implementing applications and understanding IT practices led him to management and responsibility for the support and development of the Institutes administrative and many academic application systems.


He had a wide portfolio including his main responsibilities which were the development, implementation and support of over two dozen systems as well as  acquiring applications and providing strategic leadership in relation to the institute’s IT application systems. In addition he took a divisional and institute wide leadership role in IT including successfully leading the financial IT systems audit. He also led numerous projects that were all completed on time and under budget. TLR Worldwide will benefit greatly from not only Allan’s expertise in IT systems but his understanding of governance and long term strategic planning and ability to deal with a high degree of complexity.


Systems Management:

He is well versed in all aspects of IT systems development and support using a variety of tools to meet the needs of wide range of service areas. He has led executive level and institute wide committees and is very skilled at handling critical issues and at “forward visioning” in order to position the company to meet its complex IT needs. His is quick to grasp not just the IT elements but is also able to see things from the client perspective, which helped him deliver reliable and progressive solutions.



He led his division in how it developed, monitored and forecast its budgets and managed his own budget of ~$2M/yr. In addition, he developed many complex project plans, leading all phases of the projects that involved many different organizational departments. This work included drafting and managing project plans and budgets, RFP development, software acquisitions and the overseeing the schedules of between 3 and 20 analysts, contractors, functional experts and seconded line staff.


Team Management & Communication:

He has excellent and demonstrated leadership, management and communications skills. IT systems are very complex, highly connected and subject to rapid change. He has always exceeded expectations and was highly respected not just by his clients and executive but also by his own staff. With his creative and responsive leadership he managed to keep staff increases under 10% while the work load increased by over 50%.

IT Governance:

He has high level of expertise in IT governance from establishing a wide range of IT standards, guidelines and procedures throughout his career. These included those for application development and support, the Institute’s IT policies for Major Disaster Recovery and support for systems, the business case proposal process, project planning, systems recovery plan, access control, risk management and mitigation, and SLA’s for client areas.

Strategic Planning: 

Allan was directly involved in and led strategic planning from the team and department levels to that of the Institute. His expertise was continually called on to assess the institutes IT systems current capabilities and strategic planning to meet long term needs. This included staffing and support requirements, working with stakeholders in visioning future needs and evaluating hardware and software requirements as well as the organization changes needed to maintain a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in IT systems.   


TLR Worldwide, LLC. will benefit greatly from Allan Beveridge's years of IT experience and high level of integrity, which is why he has been appointed to the position of Chief Information Officer. He will lead the development of our IT architecture and systems and will be a key player in the development of long term business and IT strategies. His addition will help ensure our systems meet our current and long term needs as well as those of our stakeholders and clients.


Bruce Glasgow Marketing Manager

Bruce really started his experience in “Marketing” in 1981 with his first retail job at a newly built nationwide Department Store, learning store layout, plan-o-grams and display set up, all of which are a part of Visual & Psychological Marketing. These early experiences provided a foundation for a “marketing mindset” that he continued to build on over the next 35 years in a wide variety of specialty goods and services companies.

He started two of his own companies 20 years ago though only devoting part of his time to them until 2013 when he left the employment of others to work for himself. It was at this time that he became part owner of a third business, a premium sunglasses company. He says, “This is when this over-achiever’s true Marketing Experience began.”

With the complete Operation responsibilities of three companies in his lap and heavily Marketing sunglasses with zero budget he took his skill to a new level. He solicited help and advice from some heavy hitters in the marketing field and continued to learn until he left the sunglass business behind. He re-branded one of his businesses into the Digital Marketing business it is today. He enjoys every minute of helping others realize their dreams through positive branding and attraction marketing.

Customer Service:

Bruce has put Customer Service at the forefront of all his business dealings. For 34 years, in various B2C and B2B companies and positions, he’s lived by the rule that “the Customer is the one who signs his paycheck, no customers equal no business”. Throughout his career he has been the person sent into to improve personnel management personnel to turn unfavorable customer relationships into positive ones and vastly improve employee morale. This has given him vast experience in this crucial area, which is required for any successful business.


Bruce continued to “fast-track” into management positions in every field of his employment, including district and operations management. He has always carried the “lead by example’ mindset which has served him well throughout the years. These various management positions provided him with a wide range of management skills needed such as customer service, quality control, community outreach, setting sales goals, budget management, HR, payroll and employee relations, security, shrinkage control, P & L reporting, visual merchandising, advertising, purchasing, shipping and receiving and logistics. These are all skills needed for management roles in a just about any business or organization.


Bruce has utilized all his various experiences, in addition to deep dives into the disciplines of Website Design and Development, graphic design, social media, account design and development, digital, video and print advertising and analytics as well as the skills of SEO, CR, PPC, CPC, CRO, CRM and PR. The acronyms continually change; however, the end result is he has become a knowledgeable, more efficient Marketer. He is currently 3 years into building his own marketing firm based on his intent to employ dedicated teams to provide great service in all relevant categories and has meticulously selecting employees who have been able to quickly become team leaders. For Bruce marketing is a passion and as he says, “When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work”.

We feel that Bruce is the perfect choice for our Marketing Manager. We intend to utilize his wide range of experience and expertise to add value to our winning team here at TLR Worldwide, LLC. He is currently focusing his efforts towards the MalibuSelfies™ APP and on helping to conceive, develop and launch future projects. Welcome to our family Bruce!